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Pick My Neurodiverse Brain

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What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the concept that variations in the human brain, such as those seen in autism, ADHD, and other neurological conditions, are natural and valuable forms of human diversity.

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Meet other neurodiverse people 

Book an engaging online one-to-one session to delve into the topic of neurodiversity and have a personalized discussion.


Awareness & development

This toolkit provides comprehensive position statements and "how-to" guides to help promote a diverse, inclusive, and ethical climate for neurodiversity.

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Orientation Course


The Orientation Course is a comprehensive program that covers neurodiversity in general, providing knowledge about inclusion, diversity, and support, connecting theoretical concepts with practice, and teaching participants to recognize the roots of inclusion and apply practical tools and adaptations for promoting neurodiversity.

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Discover the fascinating journeys of individuals who have embraced nonlinear life paths. This blog offers a compelling look at personal reinventions, career pivots, and unconventional approaches to success. Immerse yourself in stories that celebrate the complexity of human experience and inspire you to redefine your own path.

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The connections

Meet the dynamic partners behind PickMyNeurodiverseBrain: Atlas Primer, Amaze Yourself, Isas, and the Octopus Movement. Together, they form a synergistic alliance, leveraging their unique expertise in AI, education, human relations, project management, and nonlinear thinking to drive a transformative impact in the realm of neurodiversity. Join us in making positive global change.

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Neurodiversity Event

The Pick My Neurodiverse Brain event in Brussels is an incredibly exciting opportunity to bring together a diverse and dynamic global neurodiverse community, including professional educators, HR professionals, parents of neurodiverse children, and neurodiverse individuals, to promote inclusion, understanding, and create real change in the neurodiversity community! Get ready to be a part of something truly unique and impactful!

the Movement

A Mycelium of Octopi

Join the Octopus Movement and be a part of a revolution that embraces neurodiverse thinking to drive innovation, create change, and shape the future. Get ready to think outside the box and embrace the limitless potential of neurodiversity!

Orination Course
Neurodiversity Event
Join the Movement
Management Board Committee


The dedicated and passionate management board committee of Pick My Neurodiverse Brain, along with the support of its valued partners, made this incredible movement possible, working tirelessly to promote awareness, inclusion, and understanding of neurodiversity.


Pick My Neurodiverse Brain
an Octopus Movement initiative


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Supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, PickMyNeurodiverseBrain offers a toolkit filled with insights and courses on neurodiversity. It aims to connect people, spark intellectual exchanges, and provide a vibrant space for exploring the nuances of human cognition.

Simply put, we created PickMyNeurodiverseBrain to harness the collective power of nonlinear thinking for the greater good, all while encouraging a more comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity.

Join us in making a meaningful impact. Create your profile, sponsor, or partner with us today.

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